Kinyo glaze cup
Kinyo glaze cup
Kinyo glaze cup
Kinyo glaze cup
Kinyo glaze cup

Kinyo glaze cup

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<Kinyo glaze cup>

Size : Height 72mm, caliber 75mm

Weight : 194g

About Kinyo glaze

A general term for pottery with a bluish devitrification glaze called Densei Yu, which was born in the era of Sect and the original era in China.
There are many changes from bright blue to bluish white, and there is a technique that aims at gorgeous reddish purple spots by coloring copper.
The mysterious expression of Jun ware has been handed down from ancient times to the present day as a valuable item.
The soaking kiln used in Gladdy contains copper oxide, titanium oxide, etc.
The range of change varies greatly depending on the amount of oxygen and temperature of the kiln during firing, and no one is the same.